Whole grain spelt flour

Spelt is the ancestress of wheat, with its help it became possible to cultivate many of modern wheat species. Natural characteristic of spelt is its intolerance of fertilizers, chemical herbicides and pesticides used in agriculture to protect crops from weeds and vermin. Even the shortest contact with chemicals kills spelt crops. That is why this grain is very rare and gives low yield, but it is extremely beneficial for health, rich in protein, with unique amino acids, which are absent in animal protein.


Spelt opens up with an amazing bouquet of aromas tinted by a nutty flavour. High cellulose content, apart from its health benefits for the digestive system, will also help you minimise average flour consumption, which makes it quite reasonable considering its high price.


Whole grain spelt flour can be used as commonly as wheat flour: adding it to breads, pancakes and other baked goods will give them exceptional taste and aroma. Spelt flour absorbs more water in comparison with wheat flour, which allows you to save up to 15% of flour. Try using spelt flour to make leaven for your breads, and you will see how effective and useful it is.

Additional information


1 kg, 40 kg

Shelf life

12 months

Energy value

361 kcal / 1511,43 kJ







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