Whole grain stone-ground flour

Whole grain stone-ground flour

Russia-based manufacture
according to European quality standards

  • Rice flour is a widely popular ingredient in flour blends in bakeries, confectionery manufacture, pasta and many other food products. You can cook delicious pelmeni, cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes, flatbread, bread and pizza dough …

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  • Whole grain stone ground cornmeal will open the doors for you into a cooking world of many traditional dishes. Apart from the delicious bread and authentic Mexican tortillas, you can also cook some tasty porridge …

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  • Spelt is considered to be the ancestress of wheat. You can use whole grain spelt flour as frequently as your regular wheat flour: add it to bread, pancakes and other types of bakery, and you will get a unique taste and aroma …

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  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids wheat flour brings much benefit to your health! The cellulose in it binds all the microelements allowing proper absorption and assimilation in your digestive system …

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  • This is the type of flour for celebrations and happy moments, just when you need to treat yourself. It has the lowest bran content – that is what makes it so white, the brightest colour among all other types of wheat flour, and yet it keeps all the health benefits …

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  • Rye – is a unique type of grain, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, microelements and cellulose, which give you a significant health boost! The cellulose in it binds all the microelements allowing proper absorption and assimilation in your digestive system ...

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Information for distribution networks and supermarkets

For supermarkets and distribution networks we provide steady supply of whole grain stone-ground flour packed in 0.5 kg and 1 kg bags. We offer reasonable prices and deferred payment.

We can also provide our whole ground flour as your private label product. Our company has rich experience with private-label production, we have our own packaging line and exclusive business cooperation conditions with food packaging manufacturers.

Information for manufacturers

We supply whole grain flour to HoReCa companies and facilities packed in bags of 5 kg and 50 kg.

Flour that is stone-ground adds a very special taste and aroma to the products. Our flour has a natural balance of vitamins, minerals, microelements and cellulose. Rich in cellulose the flour efficiently keeps enough moisture in it – as a result, you save up to 10% of flour in comparison with your regular one.

You will have no need in flour treatment agents, baking powders or other components.

Advantages of our company

  • Exclusive product

    The process of grinding is done by means of authentic Danish millstones. There is no competitive or even similar production on the flour market in Russia – no one grinds flour the way we do it. The coverage of our company’s production process can be found here: reportage «VkusVill»..

  • Absolute quality

    We purchase only the best grain, we test its quality in our laboratory on every technological step of production. Our facilities work in compliance with European standard HACCP, all our products are EAC certified and PCT (Russian national quality control standard) certified.

  • Individual grinding options

    Special individual approach to grinding: the gristmill has a broad range of adjustable settings. We will produce any type of flour that suits your demands.

  • Reasonable price policy

    We aim at long-term partnership with our clients, that is why we offer fair prices and discounts to loyal customers.

  • Efficient logistics

    Delivery or customer pickup: from the facilities in Tambov Oblast and from the warehouse in Moscow.

Where to buy our whole grain flour

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    Umet, Tambov oblast

    Tambov oblast, urban settlement Umet, 55 Rabochaya street, tel.: +7 (47559)-2-40-60

    Warehouse: Moscow, Altufyevskoye shosse 37, building 1 «Logistics Centre Aurora »

    Whole grain stone-ground flour wholesale and retail. We supply flour to distribution networks, supermarkets, HoReCa, provide private-label production. Developed logistics.