Whole grain coarse grind rye flour

This is the quintessence of vitamins and useful microelements in grain. This type is a ground mix of equal-sized particles of grain bran and its core. The product will be especially beneficial for those who suffer from digestive system disorders. Flatbread or buns baked with this flour will suit anyone who tries to maintain his health and wants to improve digestion, lose weight and avoid food allergies.


You can use this baking flour separately, or in special flour blends to improve baking properties, make healthier dough for bread, confectionery, pasta and other dishes. Just with this flour alone or using it as an additive in a blend you can cook delicious pelmeni, pies, pancakes, and many more.


We suggest you try to use it in making of leaven for your bread, and you will realize how effective, useful and simple it is. Cook more with whole grain flour, get your gastronomic delight while keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy!

Additional information


25 kg

Shelf life

12 months

Energy value

295 kcal / 1235,11 kJ







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