Whole grain fine grind wheat flour

This is the type of flour for celebrations and happy moments, just when you need to treat yourself. It has the lowest bran content, hence the white colour, the brightest colour among all other types of wheat flour. Nevertheless, it keeps all the same health benefits as other types, due to natural grinding with millstones.


This flour is a real boon for baking sweet and nourishing pies, cakes, pastries, biscuits, fluffy pancakes and many more of your favourites!


Gluten content (at least 30%) and cellulose-rich composition of this flour will help you knead the best dough for pelmeni and dumplings. Pelmeni dough kneaded with whole grain fine grind wheat flour has a very strong texture, when frozen does not crack, and when boiled the meat filling always remains inside!  It is just as perfect for homemade noodles and all types of pasta. Fine grind flour will definitely come in handy for making sauces and coating something.


Cook more with whole grain flour, get your gastronomic delight while keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy!

Additional information


1 kg, 40 kg

Shelf life

12 months

Energy value

345 kcal / 1444,45 kJ







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